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It is with clear delegation and attention to every detail that a projects reaches completion. We believe not just in the end result of it all, but the execution through out.
We at Himaghna believe in a smooth flowing and hindrance free communication amongst all the parties involved to reach our targets on time throughout the building process.
We undertake various general Construction services and commit to excellence.
Starting from product procurement’s, engineering, management and site maintenance to building permits and security, Himaghna commits to delivering quality.


With modern day technology and its day to day up gradation, visualisation has made it not just possible but taken it to the next level for people to foresee the results even before the completion of a project.
Model Building, while using various mediums and materials, Himaghna is experienced in making it easier for all our clients to overlook and dream bigger.
We deal with;
° Exterior Models
° Interior Models
° Landscape Models
° Engineering Models
And all the said scale down representations aid in better visualisation of our projects and goals we set out to achieve.
Virtual model building, using the latest designing technique, is another approach we take to create a graphic and virtual experience of the building even before the commencement.


We work with a panel of specialists and well trained professionals to understand all the intricacies of building a design on a architectural and technical level.
Professionals of various disciplines like:° Architects
° Designers
° Surveyors
° Building Engineers
are conscious and responsible to get the project running, whilst keeping in check the safety, structural integrity, documentation and codes.


We believe in working closely with our clients and the planning team to execute and deliver the best, cost effective and quality construction.
We offer an array of construction survives like;
° Plot/Plan Review
° Site Construction Management
° Liaison with statutory authorities
° Quality check and Management
° Equipment Procurement
° Warehouse Management
° Contract Administration
Trained construction teams will be appointed to overlook and supervise all the on site activities for a smooth flowing process till the completion and handover.

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