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The Garden Greenhouse. A Post-Graduate Psychotherapy Training

The Garden Greenhouse. A Post-Graduate Psychotherapy Training

Developed & sponsored by LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center is applications that are now accepting its cohort.

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  • A grad that is recent simply certified clinician?
  • Searching for distinctive, medical experience with alternate expressions of sex, erotic orientations and/or relationship configurations?
  • Want support to produce your identification as being a specialist?
  • Searching for long-lasting psychotherapy experience?
  • Wondering how exactly to use yourself (your ideas, emotions, perceptions, responses) better into the treatment session?

The garden greenhouse are suitable for you.


The garden greenhouse is just a post-graduate psychotherapy training and mentoring system for current grads, newly certified clinicians yet others who wish to develop certain healing abilities & social competence with customers including people who earnestly identify as or are checking out sex, erotic identification, sex and non-normative relationship designs such as for instance LGB, trans and gender queer, non-monogamous (open, moving, poly affective or polyamorous relationships), kink/BDSM and intercourse work/erotic work. Supervision and discussion that is clinical on depth psychotherapy theories* and views (including psychodynamic and process-oriented models).

  • Develop competence that is cultural knowledge associated with LGB, trans and gender queer, non-monogamy, kink/BDSM and intercourse work
  • Strengthen your identification as specialist and make use of your unique talents
  • Deepen your clinical abilities from within a level psychotherapy viewpoint

Learn about the insights and experiences of previous garden greenhouse people right right right here. Meet to see more about previous garden greenhouse individuals right right right right right here.

The Green house’s tuition-free, 12 thirty days system provides:

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  • Re re re re Payment for medical hours
  • 4-6 sessions that are clinical week, the same as 240 medical hours through the system 12 months
  • 40 hours of specific direction
  • Weekly training that is in-service such as for instance:
    • Customers, Communities & Cultures: LGB, trans, sex queer, kink & poly, intercourse work
    • Depth Psychotherapy: The Point of Dilemmas
    • Therapist Identity Developing: Finding your specific Skills
    • Making use of Therapist Bias: A lifelong procedure
    • Expert & private Roles & Boundaries in Small Communities
    • Dealing with customers whom Identify as Non-normative

Clinician/participants are anticipated to:

  • Go to a single program Kick Off meeting – preceding the start training year day.

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