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We have a complaint or inquiry about my bank Financial Regulation

We have a complaint or inquiry about my bank Financial Regulation

Any office of this Commissioner of Financial Regulation (“Commissioner”) supervises Maryland’s state chartered banking institutions and will not have authority over those who are federally chartered or chartered by another state.

Before filing a complaint or inquiry, please view the Institutions We Supervise. Below, you shall additionally find a listing of a few of the biggest organizations running in Maryland which are managed by other agencies. In the event that you find the title associated with organization about that you’ve an inquiry or issue, please proceed with the connect to the principal regulator for the standard bank for support

The list above is non-exhaustive. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Bank Find database to determine what type of charter (state, national) your bank has if you do not see your institution in the table above please search.

    Nationwide Banks: numerous nationwide banking institutions are distinguished because of the words “national” or “national relationship” or perhaps the initials “N.A.” found in their title. Always check your formal bank papers such as for instance payday loans without a bank account in Price UT checks, loan papers, or bank statements to learn in case your standard bank is really a nationwide bank.

National Banks are managed by the working office of the Comptroller associated with the Currency (“OCC”).

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