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Hookup customs is a tradition of Shame

Hookup customs is a tradition of Shame

— perhaps maybe Not Shame for people who Want Sex, but Shame if you Want More?

For years and years, intercourse had been taboo — especially for females. It had been a scarlet page, an antithesis to purity that is virginal. It absolutely was reserved for whorehouses and right straight back rooms where urges and desires were a way to obtain shame. Sex had been scandalous. The natural urge that is human leap each other’s bones had been meant to feel unnatural and gross (at the least without a married relationship permit).

But, as AP English Lit pupils should be happy to hear, society has arrived a good way from Hester Prynne. We simply just take pride into the proven fact that we liberate people from conventional gender functions and old-fashioned objectives of propriety.

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