About Us

Since being founded in 2012, we have concentrated our efforts on constructing quality buildings on a varied range of projects. Being a knowledge-based organisation, Himaghna’s key asset lies in its people. We have a multi- disciplinary team of professionals who possesses a wealth of experience, skills and talent to handle every project competently and to achieve project excellence. Aside from professional expertise, we also bring to you our shared values of integrity, insightfulness, intuitiveness and collaboration. We have an experienced and dedicated management team to ensure the proper functioning of all operations. The rank-and-file, on the other hand, is the engine behind our business success. We constantly foster innovation, integrity, skills upgrade and promote a culture, affirming to all that every employee plays a vital role in every project.


Our commitment is to meet our clients‘ highest satisfaction based on trust and honest whilst maintaining competitive costs and fast tract schedule .


Himaghna Constructions strives to build quality affordable homes by providing an honest, fair working relationship with subcontractors, new homeowners, in an atmosphere where families can experience the pride and satisfaction of designing their own home.


We are aware that quality is a continuous process of improvement. In line with this, we are continuously upgrading our system and controls so to comply with our Policy to meet the objective of Zero Defect in the delivered projects.

Himaghna Constructions operates a Management System which provides a high level Quality Manual which encapsulates the policy and system element procedures to provide assurance of quality to the Customer. For each Project we develop a Project Quality Plan which incorporates the Quality Assurance Manual and a series of project specific procedures, together with job descriptions and the particular quality record forms that will be used for the Project. The Project Quality Plan and associated Inspection therefore define the Quality Management System to be applied in order to satisfy the requirements of the Quality Manual, the International or local Standards and the Customer Specifications. The Plan is formulated from a review of Customer requirements and our own Quality Objectives, which are often set to exceed contractual or regulatory specifications.

Customers may chose to audit our Quality Assurance Management System by appointment and we welcome critical evaluation and comment with respect to of our commitment to quality.


Throughout the construction process, on every project we will be proactive and offer assistance to client and design team to ensure all projects are completed safely, on programme with budget and to the best possible standard apart from the following:

  1. compliance, with all relevant statutory obligations
  2. provide adequate resources to establish and maintain safe systems of work
  3. maintain health and safety competency and integrate health and safety requirements in all aspects of company business
  4. employ only those sub-contractors who aspire to the same quality or exceed the quality and safety standards set by Sri Himaghna Constructions
  5. provides an emergency response program far unforeseen events so as to minimize hazards to people, assets and environment.


Himaghna Constructions is managed by a team of people who have wide experience and expertise in their espective fields. Therefore, the management of Himaghna is looking forward to participate and contribute on larger scale in civil construction projects. With the expanding market, strong management team and support from the financial institutions such as you, Himaghna will be able to expand the business further, to provide better services whilst incorporating and continuously keeping abreast with the latest technology.

Managing Director